Geothermal Fun: Wai-O-Tapu Thermal Wonderland

My solo trip to New Zealand took place in August 2013, so, yes, this post is pretty late. Regardless, I want to document my travels, so here 'tis.

Hawaii's summer is New Zealand's winter, but with an incredible deal on a roundtrip airfare, I really could not pass it up and would brave the cold—it really wasn't that cold, was it? Well, since New Zealand had been a bucklist destination for many years (it's actually still on my list since I wasn't able to see more of the North Island, and didn't even make it to the South Island!), I dove in with thermals, fleece scarf, gloves and new puffy jacket.

Nervous about going international on my own, as well as having to navigate the roads on the opposite side, I pushed my doubts aside and had the best trip ever!

Earlier posts are much more detailed because I could actually remember the details. Upcoming posts will just share the general information with lots of pictures so you'll be able to get an idea of what New Zealand is like if you ever decide to travel there yourself—which I highly advise! Ask questions, and if I can answer them, I will!

While researching places to check out, I came across Wai-O-Tapu Thermal Wonderland. Wow, a wonderland of thermal delights? The website touted incredibly vibrant colors or green, orange and blue beneath beautiful blue skies. Learning that it was one of the most active hotspots on the larger Wai-O-Tapu Geothermal Field fueled the fire. On the itinerary!

Remember, I went in winter. Blue skies? No. Vibrant orange in the Champagne Pool? Nada. Picture perfect shots of geothermal activity? ... Boy, was I disappointed. BUT the bright lime-green of Devil's Bath was still bright lime-green.

But hey, I was in New Zealand. It was still an adventure. And I still had fun breathing in the sulphur fumes.

Next on the agenda: I'm headed back to Rotorua for a couple of days. Why? I feel relaxed there and there are some activities I thought would be fun to try. Plus I met a man whom I found incredibly interesting...