Eastward Bound!

My one and only roadtrip to the East Coast was a nice one. Here are a few stats:

Miles traveled: 2,618

States crossed: Connecticut, New York, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and Massachusetts

New activity: Horseback riding

(lost the reins; thank goodness for the saddlehorn!)

Missed by one day (for the 3rd time): Whitewater rafting

Greatest wonder of nature: Niagara Falls

Hit the jackpot: Labor Day sale at Woodbury Premium Outlets

Cutest view with dimples: "Mark" at the Whirlpool Jetboats who was there with his parents (he really wasn't THAT young)

Best laugh: Getting DRENCHED on whirlpool jetboat ride in the 360!

Wish I had a picture for each of the above moments (especially Mark!), but got a few to share:


Took this balloon up for an aerial view of Niagara. A nice sidetrip.


Got an awesome view of the falls and the observation deck that juts out above the river.


This is at the top of Niagara Falls looking down on Cave of the Winds tour (yellow ponchos) that allows you to stand within a small portion of the bottom of the falls. The power of the water is incredible! It was one of the coolest moments in my life. Maid in the Mist boat tour above.


In the distance is Rainbow Bridge, a steel arch bridge connecting Niagara Falls, New York, United States and Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. The shot is taken from the U.S. side. Can't recall how many times we crossed the bridge trying to get a shot of the welcome sign!


Isn't this a neat house? On the Canadian side, stopped along the road for a shot. LOVE the porch.


One thing I love about being on the Mainland—just picked-from-the-tree fruits ready for purchase at numerous roadside stands in season. These were a bit more expensive than I've normally found in California. I guess it's because we were in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario.


A nice, quiet moment at the end of the day. We're in the U.S.; across the water is Canada. We're ready to grab dinner, then enjoy a paper cup of Inniskillin Icewine purchased at the winery. Expensive things and really sweet!


My dream home. Reminds me of the time I locked the keys in the car when I insisted on stopping to see model log homes in Minnesota. Love AAA! A locksmith came out and as he worked on unlocking the door, the air got colder by the minute until small flakes began to fall. Love the faux fireplace in the model home!


Lost River Gorge and Boulder Caves, New Hampshire. Great place to stretch your legs after a drive, and just fun to run around. Enjoyed squeezing into a boulder cave that made me feel like a kid again!


Navigator Cheryl testing the waters of the Atlantic within the boundaries of Acadia National Park. Hmmm, definitely NOT the Pacific! It was a great day, and some kids braved the waters to go swimming. They were soon calling for help because one of the kids' shoulders popped out of the socket. Just a "fun" fact. Oh, he was alright. Got him on shore and a bystander popped it back in for him.


This place had nice trails stretching the long length of the rocky shoreline. Wish we had had more time to explore.


This day came to a close atop 1532-foot Cadillac Mountain Summit, the highest point along the North Atlantic seaboard. Great views of Bar Harbor. Loved how the paved paths had no railings, and if you ran fast enough, you'd be hard put to stop in time before practically running off the summit. Oh it was blustery cold up there, so we enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate purchased in the little gift shop.


The sun set as we drove down the mountain, so we stopped to enjoy it. As the last rays disappeared, I turned around and saw a crescent moon above. Absolutely cool.


Next morning decided to tackle a short trail around Jordan Pond. Peaceful.


This guy was also savoring a quiet moment on the pond.


This was really cool! A portion of the trail around Jordan Pond is a raised boardwalk built so that hikers don't damage the surrounding ecosystem by tramping around in it.


This was absolutely one of our best finds on the trip: Wallingford Farm along the side of the road (can't recall the state). It was October after all!


Cheryl getting prepped for our last-minute horseback ride. Did I mention how I lost the reins? My horse couldn't wait to get back into the corral and as soon as he knew I wasn't in control (like I ever was?), he started running for the gate. "Whooooaah horsie!" I yelled. He was relieved to be munching on hay. I was relieved to have avoided a near collision with the ground.


Couldn't resist this shot. Need I say more?