Taking the wheel

Okay, I'm starting with a clean slate and taking charge! Found this quote once and thought it was right on, especially since I felt it really pertained to the situation I was in and occasionally find myself back in from time to time. It's written in black Sharpie on a yellow stickie at the top of my computer monitor at work where I can see it every minute of the day. It's from America's humorist/author/philosopher Will Rogers..."Even if you're on the right track, you'll just get run over if you just sit there." Meaning, get off your a** and take action! Even though he passed on in 1935, I think his words continue to hit the mark, especially when it comes to politics. Check out his website here.

Here's something else to contemplate as you go about your busy day:
A list of "Happiness Traits" I picked up somewhere and thought it was very interesting. I'm not sure who wrote it or else I would give proper credit, but I think it's noteworthy enough to share (note: if anyone knows where it's from, please let me know and I'll credit the author). It's also written on a large yellow stickie and is stuck on my computer's hard drive as a reminder when work gets to be incredibly stressful—and it does.

#1: A quiet mind
#2: Self restraint
#3: Endurance
#4: Loss of interest in worldly charms
#5: Freedom from conflicts and distractions
#6: The desire for happiness

A few other traits I think might contribute to being happy are: to stop worrying (like it's that easy!), be productive, develop positive thinking and keep close friends with whom you can share your juiciest secrets!

Well, to help with the "quiet mind" part, take in this beautiful sunset. I took it on the side of the road halfway down Cadillac Mountain at Acadia National Park in Bar Harbor, Maine. You know those times when you wish time would stand still? This was one of those moments...peaceful and utter satisfaction at being able to enjoy it.